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Top Design Considerations to Remember when You are having a Granite Worktop Installed

If you would like to have a really beautiful, well-designed kitchen, you need the right worktop. A worktop serves a dual (even multiple) purpose – it can help you work in your kitchen with ease and comfort, and it can also make your kitchen exceedingly appealing. In fact, it serves as a focal point for your kitchen and is the first element that any visitor would see. This is why it’s important to choose your worktop wisely.

Granite is always a great choice, as attested to by more and more homeowners in the UK. But what does it take to have the perfect granite worktop? Following are the top design considerations you need to remember when having a granite worktop installed in your kitchen.

The colour

One amazing aspect about granite which adds to its popularity is the range of colours and hues you can choose from. Granite worktop colours range from blackest black to beautiful white, but in between, you can choose from colours such as green, brown, red, grey, and more.

When selecting the colour for your granite worktop, it should go well with the existing design and theme of your kitchen. If you want, you can opt for a neutral colour such as beige or grey, which fits well with most kitchen themes. Also, when it comes to your kitchen’s palette of colours, don’t overdo it – a maximum of five shades or colours would be best. This goes for your kitchen’s flooring, the units or cupboards, the walls, and, of course, the worktop itself.

Most individuals prefer darker-coloured granite worktops for the kitchen just because they tend to look more sophisticated and elegant, but a lighter-coloured worktop may be more practical due to the fact that it hides stains and dust more easily than a darker-coloured worktop. One tip: if you want a better, more high-impact look for your kitchen, choose cupboards and shelves which are a darker colour than your flooring.

Features to choose from

You can have several features added to your kitchen that would complement your granite worktop, such as splashbacks and upstands. Splashbacks and upstands have a practical purpose since they can also hide defects or imperfections on the walls. An upstand is installed on the wall, whilst a splashback (which is longer) can be installed right behind your kitchen’s hob or cooker.  Another feature which you can add is a window sill, which serves to make your kitchen look more seamless and integrated. Splashbacks, upstands, and window sills are, of course, made from the same granite material as your worktop so your kitchen has a more complementary look. Granite worktop London professionals such as J.R. Stone can install everything you need for your kitchen, which includes not only the worktop, but splashbacks, upstands, and sills as well.

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